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Call Top Roofing for Repairs, Replacements, and Inspections

Your roof does so much more than just keep out the rain. When the shingles are starting to curl or the membrane on the flat roof is showing signs of cracks, don't wait to call in the pros. Located right here in town, Top Roofing can come out to your residence or commercial building and conduct an inspection so we put a plan of action into motion as soon as possible. Once water is allowed into the building, structural damage can start and is much more difficult and more expensive to repair.

Precision Roof Repair Solutions Houston TX

When you give us a call for a quote, one of our experienced consultants will visit your property. We will look for signs of age, storm damage, or poor installation. We can check out your gutters and inspect your attic for water damage. We will provide you with a range of options from a quick patch to complete roof replacement. We understand that it is not always in the budget to get the whole job done now, but we will help you make the right decisions.

Dimensional, Architectural, and New Shingle Technologies

We have extensive experience working with traditional and trending roofing techniques. As one of the most reputable roof repair solutions Houston TX has around, we can help you select the shingles or flat roof membrane that fits in your budget while providing the best possible protection for your property. We work fast, too! Many single layer jobs only take one to three days as we bring serious manpower and all the right tools with us on every assignment.

Don't wait! Call Top Roofing today for a fast quote and get your roof replacement on our schedule as soon as possible.

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