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Shingle Installation



Modern roofs can last 20 years or longer; however, unattended damages can make necessary a premature replacement. Our experienced professionals are able to design and implement the solution that best meets our customer's needs

Roof Construction

New Construction

Top Roofing is able to work together with builders to execute jobs in a timely manner complying with the project schedule. Currently serving Moderno Homes, E-Loft Homes, Cambridge Homes, and Esquire Homes

Roof Repair



The effect of a storm, hail or even strong winds can damage your roof at any moment, jeopardizing the whole structure of your house or establishment. Sometimes it is possible to stop the damage before it spreads, our evaluators are able to provide you the best solution that fits your structural and budget needs

Commercial Roofing



Top Roofing can design and execute your commercial roofing project. Using the most recent prooved technology available in the market as TPO

Gutters and Downspout

Gutters and Downspout

Our experienced professionals are able to install or replace your traditional or seamless gutter system after assessing the best solution that fits your needs and budget



A roof inspection should be done after storms, before buying or selling a home, and at least once a year to ensure your roof structure integrity. Our inspector will thoroughly assess  all the components of your roof, producing a detailed report describing existing waterproofing system, current condition, life expectation and available options

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