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A Quality Roofing Company Ready to Fix Your Roof

When you find shingles in your yard after the big storm, it's time to pick up the phone and call Top Roofing. While most asphalt shingle roofs will last up to 20 years before requiring a new layer or replacement, when they start to fail, there is no time to wait. We will come out to your home and business, do a quick but thorough inspection of the situation, and provide an accurate quote. We can have you on our schedule within days. If you are in need of emergency service, we will come out to stabilize the roof so you are protected until the complete fix can be done.

Turn to Our Roofing Repair Houston for Dependable and Accurate Quotes

You could call one of those big companies with multiple locations in the suburbs, or you could go with roofing repair Houston from Top Roofing for prompt service from your neighbors. We have been repairing and replacing roofs around the city, you may have seen our trucks in your neighborhood! We get it done fast, but also take care to ensure our teams have access to all the proper safety equipment. You get a beautiful roof ready for the next 20 years and a bill with no surprises.

Financing Available to Help Protect Your Home and Investment

We have also paired with FinanceMyProject, so that you can get the extra cash to fix your home. When you are faced with severe storm damage, time is essential to prevent more water incursion into the structure and water damage to the structure. Fast and friendly financing options means you are able to keep a roof over your family's head without disrupting your monthly budget. 

When you call Top Roofing, not only do we deliver fast service, but you can select the Houston roofing material and style that best compliments your house, apartment building, or commercial facility. This is a roofing company done right, and we pride ourselves on delivering results.

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