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Keep Out the Wet with Roof Repair Services

Roofing systems for commercial properties are considerably different from standard residential roof structures. Make sure that you get the residential or commercial roof repair services that knows their stuff when you call Top Roofing. Flat roofs are not really flat and the paths that water flows to reach downpipes and gutters can be complicated. We install roofs for many local businesses and know exactly what to look for when tracking down a leak. Get it fixed fast and right when you call us for routine maintenance and repairs.

Roof Repair Services for Flat, PVC, Tpo Roof, and EDPM Installations

New technologies are changing the way that we install flat roofs. We are roofing services Houston that have extensive experience with TPO, PVC, and EDPM materials and installation procedures. When you give us a ring to check the seals around roof top units and ensure the membrane remains tear and crack free, we have the proper tools and materials to do it right. Your commercial roof should last for decades before requiring a full replacement when you work with a qualified roofing company.

Annual Inspection and Repairs Prevent the Flood Before it Starts

You need Top Roofing in your vendor contact list! If you wait until a severe thunderstorm or tornado tears a hole in your membrane to call in the pros, the damage may be much more extensive than if you have us conduct routine inspections and maintenance. Our P&M services include a bi-annual inspection and fast patch of minor problems. We will provide a quote for larger fixes that could prevent your business from flooding during the next big storm.

Get your home or business set up and call Top Roofing today! Whether you need a roof repair services, tpo roof solutions, or roof inspection, we will be happy to help.

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